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Through the CVG-HGSF program, we power communities for zero-hunger to build resilience and counter food insecurity

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Community Vision Group (CVG) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to contributing towards a poverty-free society, where children can live to their full potential. Our vision is to help transform communities. Our core program is the “Feed the Child” initiative, emerging from a deep burden to meet the food security, health, and nutritional as well as educational needs of primary-aged children in Cameroon and beyond.

CVG is registered in the United Kingdom (England and Wales, Reg. No.13294553) and Cameroon (Reg. No.10/ACK/E/32/A2/CSAAJP). Apart from Cameroon, CVG is registered in Malawi (Reg. No. TMBRS1013908) following an encounter with the promoter in Zomba District where many
children are unable to access education for reasons related to food security, health, and nutrition.

“When Africa’s children are well-nourished and can grow, learn and earn their full potential, we will be able to unleash prosperity in the entire continent”

Dr Akinwuni Adesina

African Development Bank Group President
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What Make Us Different



Community Vision Group is dedicated to contributing towards a poverty-free society, where children can live to their full potential


Our vision is to help transform communities through a shared responsibility
Our Approach

Our Approach

We are child-centered, community-driven, and impact-focused. We are determined to unlock the potential of children, families, and communities to pursue their own development through improved health and nutrition, education, and skills training.

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Our core values

Helping Africa escape poverty.

Community Vision Group sees poverty in any form as an enemy but more to this drive is the desire to build self-sufficient, self-reliant, and transformative systems that help the many vulnerable and marginalized African populations escape poverty. This is rooted in our values as we promote:

we are called to serve and to work for children and to work with communities and donors that share our passion to create a poverty-free

we are stewards, passionate about telling the impact story of every donation made to our beneficiaries and benefactors

we work with communities based on
need and our target beneficiaries are given equal opportunities irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age, or otherwise

we are selfless and ours is the desire to set up social enterprises that generate transformative actions

we recognize that transforming communities is a shared responsibility. Thus, we work with individuals and charities that support transformative initiatives and we leverage networks like churches and community-based organizations in Cameroon and Malawi for the implementation of our projects and programs.

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