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Community Vision Group is dedicated to activating and nurturing potential for a poverty-free society. We envisage a transformed community through shared responsibility. 


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About Us

We feed and educate children.

Who We are

Our Impact

How It Works

Community Vision Group (CVG) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to contributing toward a poverty-free society, where children can live to their full potential. Our vision is to help transform communities through shared responsibility. Our core program is the “Feed the Child” initiative, emerging from a deep burden to meet the food security, health, and nutritional as well as educational needs of primary-aged children in Cameroon and Malawi.

We are holistic in our approach to community transformation …wherever we feed children, our allied programs including Hepatitis B awareness and support program, primary eyecare program, and skill development follow

Our mainstream School Feeding program is accompanied by two critical health interventions: Hepatitis B education, screening, vaccination, and linkage to care as well as Primary Eye Care. These are cross-cutting interventions that are implemented in every community benefitting from our school feeding program and are also implemented as standalone interventions where school feeding is not prioritized.

Our Programs

Community members volunteer to prepare and serve the meals

School Health and Nutrition

With proper nutrition early in life, children can grow, develop, and thrive to their full potential. we promote healthy immune systems and enable children to develop through adolescence and into adulthood. We do this by providing access to daily healthy locally sourced nutritious meals to children at their place of education. This improves dietary diversity and boosts educational and nutritional outcomes.

He who has health has hope and he who has hope has everything.


Education Support

Access to quality education is increasingly a luxury for many children. We do not only want children at school, but we also want well-equipped children ready to confront future challenges via meaningful education. We provide backpack support, light-up study rooms in areas without electricity (Energy-for-education), train community teachers (Train-to-Teach), and support toward educational infrastructure including community libraries

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world

Nelson Mandela.
Community Vision Group on field visit to assess the quality of water with the communities


Our Home-Grown School Feeding (HGSF) program provides smallholder farmers access to a structured demand market through school feeding. We cluster farmers into cooperatives, build their capacities on improved farming techniques, secure access to land in communities, and boost their marketing potential through our HGSF local procurement model.


If agriculture goes wrong, nothing else will have a chance to go right

M. S. Swaminathan

Healthcare Campaign and Support

Some diseases at the level of the communities can be arrested just through knowledge sharing and education campaigns. We are aggressive against
Hepatitis B and preventable blindness especially among children!

Over 253 million people are visually impaired globally, 90% are in low-income and middle-income countries and over 80% stem from avoidable causes (Aghaji et al. 2018). Over 2 billion people (or 1 in 3) have been infected, and about 300 million people are living with a chronic hepatitis B infection." Each year, up to 1 million people die from Hepatitis B even though it is preventable and treatable 

Hepatitis B Foundation.
CVG and Community Team up for a Hepatitis B free community
Community Vision Group trains Internally Displaced Girls and Woman

Skill Development and Training

We give children and young adults the opportunity to develop technical skills through our Child Skill Development and TVET Programs respectively. While we accompany beneficiary communities with this program, Community Vision Group also empowers trainees with start-up tools to face poverty in the communities We also prioritize unique training that accompanies our school health and nutrition program – Training Community Nutrition Extension Officers to influence and shape nutrition education outcomes for children and their communities


Research is at the core of our interventions. We explore food
systems and advanced scientific knowledge and set the stage for
local food systems transformation to achieve the global agenda for food

Food systems hold the power to realize our shared vision for a better world

(UN Sec. Gen, 2021)
Infomation Technology is central to our Community Transformation agenda
Help is Our Goal

What Make Us Different

We Educate

Hepatitis B education, screening, vaccination, and linkage to Eye Care.

We feed

We help local schools access the food, tools, training, and support they need

We Build

We provide access to essential infrastructure requirements and fundamental tools.

We Donate

We help local nonprofits access the funding, tools, training, and support they need

Partnership and collaboration

Transforming communities as
a shared responsibility.

Feeding Children in Africa

On Going Campaigns

Feed Children in Conflict-affected NW/SW, Cameroon

Taking action on the profound burden of meeting primary-aged children’s food, security, health, nutritional, and educational needs in Cameroon

Safe + Easy Donations

We are Child centred, Community Driven and Impact focused.

Community Vision Group sees poverty in any form as an enemy but more to this drive is the desire to build self-sustaining, self-reliant, and transformative systems that help the many vulnerable and marginalized populations in Africa escape poverty.


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“When Africa’s children are well-nourished and can grow, learn and earn their full potential, we will be able to unleash prosperity in the entire continent”

(Dr. Akinwuni Adesina, African Development Bank Group President)