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Pray with us

Our prayer is that all may come to experience life to its fullest measure. And we pray for every heart to have the will to make it so. With over 77 verses in the bible that emphasises the importance of vision, we can’t afford to continue seek the face of God for Divine revelation of the plans and the future he has for us to be made a reality.

Donate Tools

We are committed to breaking the cycle of dependence by strengthening technical vocational education and entrepreneurship in Africa. Our mission is to assist at least 1,000,000 young people and women escape poverty through life skills and vocational training. We kindly request you to be a part of this mission. This is giving hope to the hopeless and helping people to build sustainable livelihoods. You can join this movement by donating the following tools:

  • Sewing machines (manual, electric and treadle)
  • Industrial sewing machines
  • Building construction tools (Spade, shovel, 3ft spirit level, Axe, crowbar, fork, sledgehammer, bow saw, bolsters, chisels, all types of hammers and trowels, pin and lines, tape measures hacksaws and blades etc)
  • Carpentry tools (Bevel, braces, clamps, hand drills and bits, all types of files and hammers, Stanley knife, all types of planes and saws, pliers, rules, all types of saws and screwdrivers, squares etc)
  • Electrical tools (Allen keys, hand drills and bits, all types of pliers and hacksaws, screwdrivers, spanners, soldering iron, voltmeter etc)
  • Motor mechanics tools (Allen keys, cold chisels, breast drill and bits, all types of hammers and pliers, punches, metric socket set and spanners, adjustable spanners, cantilever toolbox, tyre pressure gauge,  Hydraulic jack, axle stands, battery charger, ramps and large engineers vice etc)
  • Plumbing and sanitary installation tools (Basin or tap wrench, wire brush, breast drill and bits, various grips and saws, screwdriver, oil can etc)
  • Knitting machines (machine wool and needles)
  • Information technology tools and allied equipment (Desktop computers and laptops running a minimum of Windows 7, tablets, Printers, scanners and typewriters
  • Painting and decoration tools
  • Catering tools
  • Embroidery materials, curtains and weaving materials
  • Welding machines
  • Generators

If you desire to be our supporter, please reach us at 


Become a Community Vision Group Ambassador

To become a Community Vision Group Ambassador is the most amazing decision you can ever make. By taking up this role, you are giving hope to the millions of young people and women across Africa to redefine their future. These people cannot meet their basic needs despite their huge potentials. They lack the capacity, are unemployed and poor. As a Community Vision Group Ambassador are determined to be a solution.

As a Community Vision Group Ambassador, you can:

  • Sponsor the establishment of our Vocational Training Institutes for the training of young women and men aged 15 – 30 years. Please reach us at
  • Support our start-up initiative for trained young women and men aged 15 – 30 years. You can do this by providing a monthly contribution towards sending a tool kit to a graduating trainee in any of our Vocational Training Institutes.  The number of kits you send each year will depend on the how much you choose to give.  The options are:
  • £10 /month for one year,you will fully establish one trained young person or woman
  • £15 / monthfor one year you will fully establish two trained young persons or women
  • £20 / monthfor one year you will fully establish three trained young persons or women

Alternatively, Community Vision Group also helps to set up multipurpose locations for trainees. You can support towards one or all the following:

  • The establishment of 10ft sea containerto host one trained young person or woman.
  • The establishment of 20ft sea containerto host 3 – 5 trained young persons or women.
  • The establishment of 40ft sea containerto host 6 – 10 trained young persons or women.

Backpack School Support

With £30, a child is ready for school with confidence and equipped for success. Our Backpack is comprised of: 10 Notepads, Coloured pencils/crayons/markers, 5 rulers, Coloured pens, 10 erasers, Pencil box, 50 pens, 5 pencil sharpeners, A calculator and A water bottle.

Sponsor a School for Lunch Programme

This is at the heart of our School Lunch Programme and sponsoring a school is an amazing contribution. By pledging to raise funds to provide meals for an entire school, you are giving every child enrolled there hope for a brighter future. While schools are closed globally because of Covid-19, the communities we serve are suffering increased levels of hunger and hardship because of the additional pain inflicted by the war in the two English-Speaking Regions. So it’s more important than ever that we are able to support hungry children with much-needed daily nutrition. We’re working with churches and community groups to find ways to get food to the children at their place of education.

By sponsoring a school, you will still be providing meals for every child enrolled.

School sponsorship is a vital part of our fundraising as it allows us to be more ambitious in our plans. We aim to keep increasing our beneficiary schools and your sponsorship makes growth possible.

  • Schools available for sponsorship are in North West and South West Regions of Cameroon.
  • It takes about £20 to feed a child for the entire academic year.
  • Schools can be sponsored by individuals or organisations and in the name of a loved one or shared cause. We can even put up a sign in the kitchen of your school to celebrate this!
  • Sponsorship lasts for one academic year. We encourage supporters to renew sponsorships for additional years but this is not compulsory.

Ways to promote our School Lunch Programme

  • Select a school of your choice that has the appropriate size that is commensurate to your budget
  • Create an account with us to begin funding your school
  • Give your project a name and a description that suits you
  • Tell your friends and family about your project and get fundraising and friendraising rolling
  • Connect to the impact of your work via our School Specific Reports
  • Share the impact report with your friends and families and solicit continuous support.

Join us prevent blindness (Sight Loss)

Community Vision Group seeks to organise outreach programmes for eyecare and support towards the establishment of eye care centres and institutionalise an Integrated Child Eye Health programme in schools especially those we target for our School Lunch Programme. Your can support this initiative in the following ways:

  • Donate eye care equipment like eye examination machines for our centres and eye wear for children
  • Sponsor an outreach to a community. It takes about £3,000 to conduct an outreach programme in a community, including comprehensive eye tests
  • Sponsor a school eye health programme. It takes about £1,500 to conduct routine eye screening, eye health assessments and capacity building for child eye health per school

Join our Hepatitis B Campaign

Hepatitis B Campaign is a movement initiated by Community Vision Group as one of its strategic objectives to support towards education and awareness raising on viral Hepatitis B. You can support by:

  • Donating towards our outreach activities
  • Supporting the production of educational materials

Supporting towards rapid screening events