Runder Bongfen Kanla

Board Member
5 Years

Runder Miki is currently a BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science student with the Association of Health Professions in Ophthalmology. Growing up in a community where blindness was perceived as a curse and sometimes crowded with superstitious beliefs of witchcraft as a root cause and coupled with the high prevalence of blindness, she developed a deep interest in eye care. Though starting off her career as a nurse, this drive and passion to lead change in preventing sight loss motivated her to undertake a Diploma program in Assistant Ophthalmic Medical Assistant with the Baptist Training School for Health Personnel, Cameroon. She also holds a Diploma in Nursing Assistant from the Baptist Training School for Health Personnel. Prior to leaving Cameroon for the UK, she served as Assistant Ophthalmic Medical Assistant (Rotating between Banso Baptist Hospital, Mboppi Baptist Hospital, and Etoug-Ebe Baptist Hospital) in Cameroon. In this role, she was responsible for consulting patients, engaging in counseling services, dispensing glasses and medication, and conducting visual field examinations as well as auto-refraction testing with the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board. As a valuable member of Community Vision Group, she is passionate to drive this goal of preventing sight loss, especially in the rural communities of Cameroon.