Mrs Ngum Awah F. Faith

Deputy Country Coordinator & Gender Advisor

Mrs. Ngum Faith is a gender program specialist with a deep passion for gender equality and women’s empowerment especially rural women who often have limited resource rights yet are most vulnerable to the adverse effects of climate change. She has over 04 years of experience with international development agencies working as a gender, climate change/policy program officer with ICRAF (World Agro-forestry Center) Regional Office for West and Central Africa; and as a gender/climate change & women empowerment volunteer with “Cadré Camerounaise de Kinshasa” in DRC. In addition, she holds over 07 years of research experience as a freelance/independent gender, land tenure & climate change adaptation researcher across Cameroon, the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Tanzania, and Malawi.

She has programmatic and research interests in three crosscutting thematic areas namely; (1) gender and climate change, (2) gender and land governance, and (3) smallholder agriculture and food security. Her current works and research focus on land governance, intersectionality, and women’s struggles over access to agricultural land in Cameroon, and examines how gender-biased customary land laws, agro-ecology and intra-household bargaining power of women determine their adaptation options/choices and food security. She is a seasoned writer and researcher who has authored and co-authored several peer-review articles in international journals. Her latest publication on “Intersectional perspective of strengthening climate change adaptation of agrarian women in Cameroon” in the African Handbook of Climate Change Adaptation was launched in 2021 during COP26 in Glasgow, UK.

Ngum Awah Faith holds a Bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Engineering (University of Dschang, Cameroon), a Postgraduate Diploma in Agronomy specializing in Agricultural Economics and Rural Sociology (University of Dschang, Cameroon), and an MSc in Governance and Development with a focus on local institutions and poverty reduction, (University of Antwerp, Belgium). Faith is a 2019 VLIR-UOS Scholar and graduated top of her class with great distinction.