Our Strategic Focus

Community Vision Group is determined to counter this silent public health challenge via awareness raising campaigns and the provision of care and support. Hepatitis B Campaign is a movement initiated in Cameroon and Malawi by the Community Vision Group as one of its strategic objectives to support towards education and awareness raising on viral Hepatitis B. Starting January 2021, this initiative has as a mission to prevent liver cancer caused by Hepatitis B. As a volunteer movement, we envisage a community where people have a protected and healthy liver. Our activities include:

  • Outreach initiatives
  • Educational campaigns
  • Support towards rapid screening
  • Care and support (advisory) for Hep B patients

We build on a team of volunteers who are connected by a shared desire to make a difference in their communities. This Awareness and Advocacy programme is run entirely by volunteers who generously give their time, skills, and resources. Our team now encompasses people from diverse backgrounds and professions who each enrich our organisation and enable us to have a greater impact. Volunteers will always be essential to the work of Community Vision Group Hepatitis B Campaign.