Module 8: Project Work

As part of this course, each participant will be required to work on a specific practical project on behalf of the community of which they are a member. These projects will provide a valuable opportunity for the transfer of skills to groups in relation to planning local development projects. They will also facilitate the involvement of other members of community organisations in the activities of the Diploma Programme.

Participant eligibility

This course is primarily designed for leaders and executives of community development associations and other community-based actors. However, a minimum of GCE Ordinary level is required as an entry requirement for the course. Priority will be given to candidates nominated by development associations and unions and individual participants will be admitted on very competitive basis.

Course cost

The diploma course cost $400 per participant and can be achieved separately. Depending on funding availability, the training will be delivered to community development association leaders for free. Thus, community-based organisations are encouraged to check our site routinely on funding availability.

Course delivery and assessment

The course is delivered online and assessed through a range of individual and group assignments which are undertaken by participants throughout the course duration. There is also an attendance requirement – a minimum of 75% attendance at weekly classes (3 hours) and 3–4 Saturday workshops is mandatory to successfully complete the course.

End-of-course qualification

At the end of the course, trainees will stand-out as Community Development Practitioners, with the capacity to lead change in their community. They will be awarded a Diploma of Community Development Practice. However, each level is entitled to a certificate and thus, some participants who may not finish all the levels will be awarded a Certificate in Community Development Practice


Admission into the Diploma in Community Development Practice will be based on institutional affiliation like development associations or unions. However, individual applicants not affiliated to any community-based organisation or association may request the application package by sending an email to