About the course

Community Development Practice (Cert/Diploma) is a course run by Community Vision Group. Both the Certificate and Diploma courses aim to equip community activists like community development association executives with a thorough understanding of community development combined with the practical skills necessary to engage effectively in the community development. Engagement of community development leaders with both academic and practitioner experience ensures the ongoing currency of theory and practice. The courses are highly participative incorporating the practical life experiences of each participant.

Why the course

Many people leading community development initiatives most often have very good intention and are filled with passion to lift their communities out of poverty. Unfortunately, this drive is not accompanied by the required knowledge and skills needed to build 21st century communities. Thus, the course is designed to:

  • Facilitate real change at community level by providing participants with the relevant skills and knowledge to engage with a rapidly changing practice at national and international levels.
  • Enhance and strengthen the capacity of community development actors in an integrated and holistic manner, that enables them to deal with their critical development challenges;
  • Encourage networks and partnerships that enhance the practice and continued learning around issues of community development