Community Vision Group sees poverty in any form as an enemy but more to this drive is the desire to build self-sustaining, self-reliant, and transformative systems that help the many vulnerable and marginalised populations in Africa escape poverty. This is rooted in our values as we promote:

Commitment to the poor

we are called to serve and to work with individuals, groups and donor that share our passion to create a poverty free world

Transparency and accountability

we are stewards, passionate about telling the impact story of every donation made to our beneficiaries and benefactors

Respect and equality of opportunity for all

We work with communities based on need and our target beneficiaries are given equal opportunities irrespective of ethnic origin, gender, age or otherwise,

Self-directed initiatives and acts of volunteerism

We are selfless and ours is the desire to set up social enterprises that generate transformative actions

Partnership and collaboration

We recognise that transforming communities is a shared responsibility. Thus, we work with individuals and charities that support transformative initiatives and we leverage on networks like churches and community-based organisations in Cameroon and Malawi for the implementation of our projects and programmes.