Community Vision Group School Lunch Programme

Millions of children in Cameroon lack access education partly because they are constrained by food insecurity. Access to quality education is largely a function of the allied factors like school meals, quality teaching – learning process and a supportive environment. This situation has been further worsened by the increasing conflict in the English-Speaking regions of Cameroon that has left over 1 million children out-of-school since 2016. After a long stay away from school, children need more than just the efforts of the parents and the government to get back to school in these regions. Thus, Community Vision Group has prioritised School Lunch Programme to serve as an incentive to attract children to schools.

Our School Lunch Programme which is greatly inspired by the work of Mary’s Meals UK will promote vegetable production, link vegetable producers and farmer groups with schools, provide targeted education and nutrition training to catering staff, teachers and parents, and create vegetable demonstration plots at primary schools across the country’s English-Speaking Regions – North West and South West.

Community Vision Group uses the “Home Grown School Feeding” Model to improve food and nutrition for children attending primary schools, while empowering smallholder farmers. Farmers across the regions will be supported to diversify their food production and sell their produce into schools in their locality, while ‘training of trainer’ workshops will be carried out amongst school and community representatives.

Community Vision Group School Lunch Programme will also promote a wide range of other education and training activities in food safety, nutrition and health. In addition, we will support the formation of school health groups and train families in food storage techniques.

Schools will be supported with tools, seeds and their capacity strengthened to create demonstration plots where different varieties of vegetable can be planted and grown. These sites will be used to promote similar backyard gardening activities at other schools and at family level across the regions. Pumpkin leaves, green beans, okra, cabbage, sweet potato, and eggplant are amongst the crops that will be grown.

Procurement committees for the purchase of healthy school foods will be appointed across the regions where the programme will operate, while farmers and producer groups will supply their goods into the network of local schools targeted for the Community Vision Group School Lunch Programme.