Community Vision Group Eye Care Centres

These centres aim to provide eye care services to the public like eye testing. We also provide professional comprehensive and quality eyewear to all in need. Our services are not based on the ability to afford but on the need.

It is a misconception to believe that we only need to see an optometrist when there is something wrong with our eyes. Many eye conditions for children and adults are asymptomatic – meaning you will not know you have it, unless a thorough examination is conducted. A comprehensive eye test checks the refractive status of the eye, the neurological function, eye muscle coordination, eye health and eye pressures. Eye tests are necessary to rule out any underlying conditions and ensure the optimum eye health. Thus, Community Vision Group is passionate to accompany the public in ensuring access to quality and affordable eye care services.

Our services are essential for all, particularly children and people who are 60+, with systemic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol & arthritis.